Morph Rigger Plus

Morph Rigger Plus


Introducing Morph Rigger Plus. It is designed to make rigging simple for everybody, not just content creators.

Rigging is very important. It ensures that all figure bending and expressions work correctly on a specific morph or shape. This only happens if the figures bones are correctly rigged and aligned.

Rigging can also be a tedious task when only doing partial areas of the figure, and matching up the correct influencing face groups to those selected bones, or if you are trying to rig multiple morphs at once, which can only be saved one at a time.

This is where Morph Rigger Plus comes in. It is designed to rig your morphs accurately with speed and ease. Be it just one morph or an entire batch, Morph Rigger Plus will do it all for you with one click.

What makes Morph rigger Plus different to “Adjust Rigging to Shape”? Well, because most just click adjust rigging to shape and process all the bones, some bone misalignment happens when all are processed at once. Morph Rigger Plus avoids this by rigging the figures bones in sections to ensure all bones and matching influence face groups are matched. It also smartly detects which bones actually need rigging and only processes what is needed, instead of rigging the entire figure. So let speed up your workflow and get rigging like a Pro!

This product is also a Merchant Resource. Compatible with Genesis 1 to 8.