MRL Amara Braids for Genesis 3 and 8 Female

Using fibermesh, polygon modelling and photorealistic textures, Amara Braids are designed with maximum realism in mind. The scalp conforms to most character shapes using autofollow while the braids are fully rigged with a total of 28 bones each braid to enable you to pose the hair with enormous precision. At the same time there are plenty of parameters dials with preset styles and pose helpers to enable ease of use.
The style suits renders in all genres ranging from fantasy to sci-fi. There are 12 color MATS which can be applied to the whole hair or to individual braid sections (additional metallic options are included for braids) which means you can go for any look from ultra-real to cybernetic. The way hair reflects light is crucial to its realism so there are six gloss settings to help you get the look you want in all different light settings. The gloss settings can be applied to the whole hair, the scalp only or the braids only, this means you can fine tune to get the look you want in just a couple of clicks. On a technical note, all the parameters dials are set-up so they will save with as poses. This isn’t always the case and depends on how the product is designed. What this means for the user is that when you’ve shaped this hair exactly as you want it, the combination of parameter dials will save as a pose preset, (along with whatever tweaks you may have made to the hair’s individual bones), and you can reproduce that shape exactly in another scene at the click of a button.