MS12A Trojan Horse

MS12A Trojan Horse

MS12A Trojan Horse for DAZ Studio 4.9 and above. Has not been tested in 4.8 but may work.

All of this product\’s content was created by Don Webster (London224).

Model does not require any other products. 3Delight and Iray textures and conversion for use in DAZ Studio by Anne Marie Rasmussen (EmotionalOutlet3D).

MS12 Trojan Horse is a standalone prop from the famous Battle of Troy stories. The Trojan Horse was used to end the seige of Troy after 10 years by hiding men within while the Greeks pretended to sail away. During the celebrations the Horse was pulled through the city gates and the Greeks were able to enter Troy and conquered the city. While we have all grown up with many images of what it would have looked like, I have model this version after the Film Troy with Brad Pitt. It\’s roughly lashed together with ship planks which I find very intriguing. This model can be resized as necessary for the scene.

To install: Unzip the contents of this file directly to your DAZ Studio Library folder (usually called My DAZ3D Library).

Please note that the Iray surfaces can change considerably in different lighting situations and scenes. Some adjustments may be required in the Surface Editor to achieve the look you want.

Tip: If this product does not appear automatically in Smart Content you may have to re-import the metadata using Content DB maintenance on your system.

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY