Mystical Mushroom – Fabulous Fungi

Mystical Mushroom – Fabulous Fungi

Spread the spores of magic Mushrooms – Fabulous Fungi For Daz Studio through out the digital lands, or at least your in spooky, fairy tale and magical renders!

This great bundle of 15 scintillating glowing mushrooms and toadstools load as giants but can easily be resized to smaller stature as needed is a must for any spooky scene!

Glowing gently or feircly in a cave or cavern, in a witches garden or the dark corner of a swamp, these great mushrooms are perfect for your fantasy scenes, or anywhere you need to create a fungal forest of epic proportions which literally watches all who enter…

The material presets provided are completely interchangeable with all of the models ( though what you get will depend on the appendages the models sport!) thus giving you a huge variety of possibility.

These work in instancing as well as stand alone objects for you to position as you wish, as always a little goes a long way and variations of scale and y rotation values will make one plant or clump look different with every instance! All of the plants included can have their materials swapped around with the included material presets, so if you have the perfect plant and placement but don’t like the color, there’s no need to load and place a new plant – just swap out the materials using the presets provided.

So whether its an ethereal fairy ring, or a more sinister forest of giant fungal growths you need, we’re sure that Magic Mushrooms – Fabulous Fungi for Daz Studio will grow on you!