Natural Gravity Morphs for A3

Natural Gravity Morphs for A3
Natural Gravity Morphs for A3 is a set of morphs that mimics the force of gravity on large breasts.

Big breasts in Poser figures usually tend to grow perpendicular to the chest, which in the real world is impossible even with silicon implants. Breasts are soft and with some weight due to their size tend to move down attracted by the gravity force; they move down conforming the chest as they grow in size.

These morphs do that.

Aiko3 has one of the best body shapes around and very versatile also, but the breast shapes included
with her are not for every occasion. They are meant for clothed renders so when you try to do a nude
image, well you are left alone. But not anymore!

Now you can obtain gorgeous natural gravity effects on Aiko3!

NGM consist in a total of?11 specialized morphs and 5 extra shapes in pose files.

These 10 “seed” dials represent some of the most common distribution of breast shapes at large sizes,
I called them “seed” because they are the starting point of new ones. This pack comes with 5 extra shapes
as pose files so you can see how new shapes can be obtained combining this morphs.

The seed morphs can be found in two actors, the chest and in the Body. They both work the same but if you
plan to save a particular breast shape configuration then you must use the ones in the chest.

In the library you will recognize this seed pose files because the thumbnails had a light gray background
and a capital letter for each of them.

Along this you will find other set of thumbnails, this ones are extra shapes obtained by combining the seed morphs,
and you will recognize this Derivative morphs by the dark gray background and by the lower-case letter.