Needful Things: Columns

Add elegance and beauty to your scene with Needful Things: Columns. With three different sizes of morphing columns, five different drapes, and several high quality textures and materials, this set has the flexibility to fit a wide variety of rendering needs. The small column can be paired with a drape to display anything from statues to jewelry to characters. The larger columns can augment existing scenery or turn a simple floor and ceiling into a temple. Outdoors or in, contemporary or fantasy, photo studio or forgotten temple, these props can provide you with the missing pieces you were looking for.

Needful Things: Columns includes:
3 Fluted columns of different heights
6 morphs per column: height, diameter, scale top, scale bottom, flute shallow, and twist
5 different drapes fitted and smart propped the smallest column
8 different textures and materials for each of the columns
6 different textures and materials for each of the drapes

Where effective, materials use bump, displacement, masks, and other advanced techniques to increase realism. Over 100 texture maps included.