Obi for Genesis

Obi for Michael 5 is a versatile character with three very distinct custom morphs from 3DP and a richly dark, high quality texture set from J.King. Thanks to the power of Genesis, a little Zbrush/Modo modelling magic, and a desire to bring you a product that will suit your needs as well as spark your imagination, we are proud to introduce Obi. With presets to make him a lanky man, a powerful seven-footer, or a heavy-set gentleman, he is sure to suit many a rendering need. He even comes with a no-brow option so you can add your own, or leave them off to give him a different look.

So what will he be? How about a slim, unassuming type who can be a stealthy operative, an intellectual, a drifter, or a long-distance runner? Perhaps you could use a more imposing figure, a perfect super hero, villain, tough guy, athlete, or muscular softy? Or maybe your scene could use a down-to-Earth dad, a mob boss, a comedian, or a jazz musician?

If you like character packages where the morph options are truly different from one another, then this package is for you.