Old Manor


UPDATED to DIM files to work with DAZ Install Manager program.

Old Manor is a huge, highly detailed and carefully textured complete set for Poser/Daz Studio and Carrara inspired by medieval buildings in Italian’s regions Toscana and Umbria.

This set is composed by the main entrance with a gate, 9 different buildings and a main stair going form the long main floor to the ground. Details are everywhere: lots of different types of windows, gutters, timbers, lamps, roof tiles, a wood barrel, balconies, steps, everything textured with the greatest detail possible. This package also features 2 different sets of textures, an hi-res and a low-res one with corresponding presets for Poser/Daz Studio and Carrara. Due to the high number and size of the texture maps, the hi-res set is best suited for powerful machines.



Just another 3D hobbyist living in the East Coast USA.