Oracle Jewelry

Oracle Jewelry

Oracle Jewelry

Oracle Jewelry is a HQ jewelry set and nothing less. There are 22 morphs and 5 color scheme options. There are surfaces for all objects to allow you
to use any of your own library’s materials or shaders. Everything is UVW mapped.

Created for Genesis 8 Females but there is a prop option included to allow use for any gender or generation.

Headdress Morphs:
Center Adj
Center Area Adj
Center Stone Out
Center Stone Vert Adj
Forehead Adj
L Cheek Adj
L Eyebrow Adj
Nose Adj Out
R Cheek Adj
R Eyebrow Adj
Side Diamonds Hori Adj
Side Diamonds Vert Adj

Ear Cuff Morphs:
Ear R Scale
Ear L Scale

Nose Chain Morphs:
Nose Chain Ear Down
Nose Chain Ear L R
Nose Chain Ear Up
Nose Chain Length
Nose Chain Swing
Nose Down
Nose L R
Nose Up

Iray Color Options:
Ancient Egyptian
Dinah Diamonds
Emerald Diamonds
Parallax Diamonds
Passion Diamonds