Orla Fae Bundle For Genesis 8 Female

Orla Fae Bundle For Genesis 8 Female

⟣ Orla Fae Bundle For Genesis 8 Female ⟢

Whether venturing to hidden hollows or exploring frozen sanctuaries surrounded by high cliffs and snow, Orla Fae is the fairy that fits your habitat!

The character comes ready with wings she can buzz around with or relax and pull around her in a cozy little nook. Her curled antenna help guide her on her merry way.

Her hair reminds one of all the elements of nature from fluffy seed pods to ice and snow and a fire’s flame.

In proper fairy fashion, she completes the look with an equally versatile outfit that could be made of frost or leaf or spider’s silk. She’s the pastel colors of the rainbow and could give the leprechauns a joyful chase.

The Orla Fae Bundle for Genesis 8 Female is the ultimate fairy, fae, or fantasy bundle for your magical and woodland scenes!

This product includes the following products:
Orla Fae for Genesis 8 Female
Orla Fae dForce Hair for Genesis 8 Female
iV Mythic Etherion Pose Collection For Genesis 8 Female(s)
Orla Fae dForce Outfit for Genesis 8 Females

Orla Fae Bundle For Genesis 8 Female