Oso Blendy Two Layer Shader for Iray

Oso Blendy Two Layer Shader for Iray

Create complex surfaces with two blended layers, swap masks to quickly change the look of models, and more with Oso Blendy.

A few G8M and G8F masks and presets are provided, but with a little effort create masks for any object, or adapt existing maps. (And remember, you can use those masks on Genesis 3, too!)

Save time and effort; instead of needing a separate metallicity, glossy, and other maps to manage a complex surface, simply set values for each layer and combine with a single image map, saving creator time, render speed, and space.

Best yet, this is a Merchant Resource that can be used to streamline products and easily add variety to materials.

What’s Included and Features
Oso Blendy for Iray
Included Shaders:
Oso Blendy
OBlend Glow
OBlend Gold Layer
OBlend Tattoo
G8F Eyes Lips Mask
G8F Eyes Mask
G8F Lips Mask
G8F Face Sigil Mask
G8F Gloves Mask
G8F Left/Right Glove Mask
G8F Torso Mask
G8F Legs Mask
G8M Face Mask
G8M Gloves Mask
G8M Left/Right Glove Mask
G8M Torso Mask
G8M Legs Mask
User Guide (.PDF)
Daz Studio Iray Shader Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer