Paklet P12 Cruiser: Poser,DAZ,OBJ,3DS,MAX

This is a very highly detailed science fiction ship model(Poser, DAZ, OBJ, 3DS, and MAX), designed to look approximately 5km in length. It’s an aggressive-looking ship with many turrets along its hull – the largest 13 are rigged so that they can be aimed. The detail level is sufficient for close-up shots and flybys.

* The mesh makes efficient use of polygons, delivering extreme detail with reasonable polygon counts:
MAX/OBJ/3DS: 1192893 polygons with 1779808 vertices
DAZ/Poser: 422669 polygons with 591891 vertices
* The geometry is clean, being almost exclusively quads. There are some tris as well. All geometry consists of quads and tris – no ngons.
* All objects are UVW mapped, and 1024×1024 textures are included. Note that all details are polygonal; textures are used only to apply a metallic look.
* Texture paths are relative – no fiddling with textures required.
* No plugins are needed or used – simply open the file and render.
* Poser/DAZ version comes with rigged turrets, other versions are modeled as individual objects linked to the main object – they can be animated if desired.
* MAX/3DS/OBJ: Detail levels are color-coded (MAX only) and objects named to quickly identify fine-grain details and hide them for distant renders.
* There are 389 objects, with the object face count kept under 12k per object.

OBJ and 3DS formats tested for compatibility in FBX review, Lightwave, Blender and Vue