Parabella for Aiko 3

Parabella for Aiko 3
Sexy, exotic, alluring, just a little wild… Presenting Princess Parabella, partly Pookling on her papa’s side… a beautiful and voluptuous original character for Aiko 3 Realistic. Includes all original morphs, texture maps, and more!


* Original custom morph targets for head and neck with INJ and REM poses
* Original custom morph target for smooth neck seam transition with realistic full body morph
* Custom hip morph target for added realism
* Body MOR and ZERO poses to create Parabella’s body (Aiko 3 morphs required)
* 3000 x 4000 hi resolution all original body texture map from photos
* 3000 x 2040 hi resolution all original head natural texture map from photos
* Additional 3000 x 2040 hi resolution head makeup texture map
* two gorgeous eye texture options
* teeth and gums texture, Eyelashes transparency map
* MAT files for applying head, body, and bump texture maps for Poser 4 through Poser 6
* Extra pose files included for elf ears, makeup, and eye texture options
* Parabella’s maps are compatible with Victoria 3, Stephanie Petite, and Young Teen Laura figures
* NO texture resource packs used on texture maps!

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Parabella for Aiko 3

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