People Group System – Pack01


– 10 Wearables group poses: Close group (6xG8F) / Dance group (1xG3F 1xG3M 1xG8F 1xG8M) / Explanation group (1xG3F 1xG3M 1xG8F 1xG8M) /
Friends group (1xG3F 1xG3M 1xG8F 1xG8M) / God group (1xG8M 4xG8F) / On ground group (4xG3F) / Seduction group (5xG8F) / Victory group (1xG3F 1xG3M 1xG8F 1xG8M) /
Walk group (1xG3F 1xG3M 1xG8F 1xG8M) / Walk2 group (1xG3F 1xG3M 1xG8F 1xG8M).
– 1 Gizmo (invisible in render) the gizmo is used to easily move all the characters in the scene.
– 44 Poses with expressions: 21 poses with expressions for G8F / 10 poses with expressions for G3F / 7 poses with expressions for G8M / 6 poses with expressions for G3M (You need morphs expressions pack from DAZ).


There are two ways to use the product:

– In a classic way, by applying the separate poses on each character. Make sure the limits are OFF. The poses are classified under subfolders by group names (eg Victory group).
You must first load the necessary characters into your scene.

– The second way is to use wearables. IMPORTANT: For that do not load characters into your scene.
In order to know which characters are used for each group, these have an assigned color on the thumbs: Pink=G8F Blue=G3F Red=G8M Green=G3M
Choose among the 10 groups and double click. The characters will load and their poses apply.
In addition, a gizmo (invisible in render) posted above allows you to move the entire group in your scene easily. Select gizmo and use translation dials to move.
Finally, you will notice that the names (invisible in render) of each character is applied to its proximity so you
can locate to allow you to assign clothing, textures, etc … The characters are loaded naked with default textures.