Photo Props: Bamboo Chimes


Enjoy 2 photo realistic bamboo chimes props! One of them comes with 5 chimes and the other with 3. They have completely photo-realistic textures and modelling, shaped after authentic bamboo sticks, wood, and a hollow coconut shell. This prop is perfect for your oriental, fantasy, historic, spiritual or fantasy renders!

The bamboo sticks each have 1024×1024 textures, the coconut shell 2048, and the weight has a 512×512 texture. All matching their size, and more than enough detail to provide nice close up renders.

An object version is included, which allows you to use the prop in virtually any 3d application, and aDaz materials file is included as well. They are currently using bump maps but the same textures can easily be applied as displacement maps as well for Iray shaders.