Pin-Up Gynoid Phase8 for G3F

EdArt3D’s Gynoid range of product grows with Pin-Up Gynoid Phase 8 for G3F; a complete Retro/Futuristic Gynoid Diner Waitress solution.
This product is divided into four parts :

First Part, the character presets who uses Victoria 7.
This section contains all wearable presets (one mouse click solution) and 6 Character presets (5 + 1 reset)

Second part contains the 6 conforming pieces of Clothing/Mechanical parts. All conforming items are morphable !
This section contains all G3F Utility Poses for the right use of the clothing/mechanical parts and 5 Iray MATs for all items. In addition, a set of Iray MATs to apply Names/Words on the Name_Plate item (can be naturally hidden).

Third part contains all Poses (three set of 6 poses for G3F Base; Victoria7 and EdArt3D’s Perfect PinUp for a total of 18 poses)

Fourth part contains a total of 5 props and 5 smartprops (created with the props).
All smartprops are wearable presets and apply the right hand pose. All props are morphable !
This section contains all G3F Utility poses for the right use of the props (smartprops) and a big quantity of Iray MATs (some new custom shaders)

A total of 56 Adjusting Morphs and 44 MATs Zones for the clothing/mechanical parts and a total of 22 Adjusting Morphs and 21 MATs Zones for the props/smartprops ensure an infinite variety of looks; maximum versatility and reusability.

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