Pixie Wings for Genesis 3 Female

Pixie Wings for Genesis 3 Female

EllPixieWings are a set of wings for Genesis 3 Female/V7

This pack includes: – Genesis 3 Wings

Wings comes with additional movement:

– RightUpperWings: Up/Down, Side/Side, Twist
– RightBottomWings: Up/Down, Side/Side, Twist
– LeftUpperWings: Up/Down, Side/Side, Twist
– LeftBottomWings: Up/Down, Side/Side, Twist

Wings comes with 4 different texture: Black, White, Red and Azure wings. Iray and 3D delight materials.
In the promos images you can see all the included textures.

Usage Tips:

EllPixieWings works in Daz Studio with or without Invidia Iray.
Please read the EllPixieWings file for a correct installation in daz.