PopTart Pole Dancer V3 Pose Set

PopTart Pole Dancer V3 Pose Set
18 sexy PopTart Pole dancer poses for V3. This pose set is designed to set to be a click and play with set. I have taken special care to make sure in most of the poses the model’s face is looking at the camera.

This also gives you the ability to do some nice sexy portrat renders with this set. I also put a lot of attention into having the eyes of your model looking at the camera. The direction the eyes are looking will change if you move the camera. For each pose I included a camera setting for the main camera. To make it easier to get started I have included both a cr2 file and a pz3 file with the props lit and set up. There are 3 Mat files for the floor prop and the box prop. 2 metals for the pole.

This pose set will work with other characters with a slight amount of tweaking. INCLUDES BONUS OF 6 BACKGROUNDS The props in the set are simply Poser’s standard Poser “Prop Types” using the box cylinder square I have included 1 cr2 file linking these props to a “Dummy” to make it easy for you to change the textures with the mat files. I have also included a Poser scene with the lights and props set up.

This pose set has been designed for V3 but with slight tweaking it will work other characters. Character,Hair and shoes are not included in this set.

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