Pose Builder for Genesis 3 and 8


DAZ Studio 4.8 Be the Puppet Master with Pose Builder for Genesis 3. It gives you the ability to combine poses or replace areas with ones of your other favorite poses with speed and ease.

What does Pose Builder offer?

Mix and combine poses, or areas of poses from any pose set from Genesis 2 via the Pose converter, and Genesis 3.
Load up a full pose and zero out areas and add in different options from other poses.
Includes a one click Pose Mirror option.
Ability to save your pose creations.
Ability to do real-time rotations and bend adjustments while the script is open.
Script retains memory of where each selection or pose was last located.
Includes Script Camera for viewing pose creations from different angles while the script is open. Also designed to match viewport camera angle on figure for seamless transition.
Includes a Pose Undo feature to step back any pose applied.

What’s Included and Features

Pose Builder for Genesis 3 Script (.DSE)