Post Apocalyptic Zone

Post Apocalyptic Zone

In this dark and twisted future, nothing gets in, or out, of the Post Apocalyptic Zone.

Lives were lost in the battle to secure the city, and now humanity‚Äôs only hope of survival is to keep the zone, secure. But once inside the zone, everything spins out of control. Men struggle against hordes of snarling infected and ruthless overlords that rule the wasteland, and the homeless moved into no-man’s land…

The Post Apocalyptic Zone environment pack lets you build as many desolate areas as you need!

Take the individual block, set, or props and create your own zone — the close attention to detail lets you take advantage of a multitude of locations for your camera!

The Post Apocalyptic Zone is ideal for your rebel, or military, post-apocalyptic world, foraging, encounter, or war scenes!