Postwork : Essential Techniques in Photoshop

Postwork : Essential Techniques in Photoshop

Have you wanted to improve your raw renders from your 3D application and have struggled with enhancing the images? Have you wished to adjust from a clean 3D look to something more stylised?

Tasos Anastasiades leads this tutorial, a professional comic book artist and who is an assistant Professor in graphic design at the European University of Cyprus. He deconstructs 15 of his artwork renders to reveal the layers, actions, effects, lighting and brushes he used to make them.

Tasos will also reveal his favourite plugins, actions, filters and other resources to supercharge your renders. He’ll also show you how to get a “comic book” look to your renders.

To follow along for this tutorial you’ll need Photoshop. The version used is CC 20.

What type of lights work best with non-photorealistic renders
Deconstructing the visual aspect of comics so that we can make 3D renders that can be transformed into this medium
Lighting, rendering and composition techniques for better result outcomes
Advanced post work effects in Photoshop
Haze, glares, shadows and reflections in Photoshop
Combining photos and 3D renders
Advanced filter uses in Photoshop
Creating your own actions
Creative use of multiple actions for the same visual
Photoshop smart filters
Photoshop blend modes
Achieving various watercolor and comic book effects in Photoshop with the use of various filters and other plug ins
Creative use of the brushes in Photoshop
Tasos’s favourite vendors and resources for 3D models, PS actions and brushes.
This presentation was originally a webinar broadcast during October 2018 and includes Q & A by class members.

Presented by Tasos Anastasiades

Tasos Anastasiades is an Assistant Professor and the Vice Chair in the Department of Arts at the European University Cyprus.

In 2004, he started publishing the “Plastic Comics” magazine, the first comic book created and published in Cyprus. In 2006 and 2009, he won Distinctions for professional artists in the Annual Greek Comic Book Competitions in Greece.

In 2014, he published his first graphic novel titled ‘Fascista’. The graphic novel aimed to create awareness against all forms of Fascism in the hope that fascist ideas would seize to exist. During the same year he also published together with Nearchos Konstantinou and Anna Fodiadou the first Cyprus Comic Book Anthology titled “Current” which featured comic book stories created by Cypriot artists.

Tasos Anastasiades also participated in numerous festivals and exhibitions, with his latest being the 8th United Designs Biennial Exhibition in 2016.

In 2017, he was selected by the Cyprus Embassy in Romania and the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture to represent Cyprus at the 5th EUROPEAN COMICS FESTIVAL organized by the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC). His graphic novel ‘Fascista’ was displayed at the festival.

Currently he is working on a short comic book series title “The Traveller” in collaboration with Neil Gibson, owner and publisher of T-Pub comics in London.

What’s Included and Features
Postwork : Essential Techniques in Photoshop:
Action Scripts for Photoshop
Resource list
Main Tutorial : Duration 2 hours – PhotoshopTechniques.mp4 file
Bonus Free Tutorial : Ten Vital Techniques to get your Artwork Noticed (1 hour 45 minutes)