PROTOTYPE-X – SciFi High-Heels – for G8F

Prototype-X (SciFi High-Heels) is a complementary module to the existing and well acclaimed prototype serie range of
products for G8F but can be used alone with your preferred G8F character.
In spite of appearances, this pair of SciFi High-Heels is of a particular design since the polygons that
compose it do not touch each other in many parts, to hold all this together was not easy for me;
I hope you enjoy this creation :=)

Designed with versatility in mind, the philosophy of the Prototype range of products is respected; this product replace
the “Feet” element of the Prototype-xxx products respecting all joints without any overlap of the meshes.
Nine of high quality Iray MATs fully compatible with the other range of Prototype products are included.
This product contains 16 MATs Zones for an infinite number of variations and configurations.