Appearing in Thebes some three thousand years ago, the Goddess-Queen Tia was renowned for her elegant beauty, indomitable spirit, and mastery of the Khopesh. Little else is known of her life and reign other than she was purportedly an initiate in the cult of Bast and rumored not to have been wholly mortal. Some traditions even maintained that she was in fact the Goddess Bastet. However, it should be remembered that it was common practice among the ancient Egyptians to deify their Kings and Queens. A fact made more curious by the lack of any historical records concerning her death or commission of a burial tomb being dedicated or found. Allowing whispered tales to persist that Tia still lives and walks in spectral form among the ruins of her ancient beloved city of Thebes. Always in the company of a black cat.

Tia is an elegant beauty, she can be a flawless Egyptian Queen or a girl-next-door beauty, perfect for any render!

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