Pugsley the Stylized Pug

Pugsley the Stylized Pug

Pugsley is a wonderfully cute ball of cartoony, "puggy" energy! Exuding the kind of fun and wacky character that 3D Universe is known for, this little guy does not disappoint.

Pugsley is a custom stand-alone figure in a low-resolution geometry that is quick and easy to pose. With helper dials and expression morphs, getting him to show his quirky personality is easy.

What's Included and Features
Toon Pug (.DUF)
Custom Expressions
Expression Afraid
Expression Angry
Expression Disgust
Expression Laugh
Expression Sad
Expression Surprised
Expression Tongue Out 1
Expression Tongue Out 2
General Head Dials
Head Lower-Raise
Head Side-Side
Ear Forward-Back (L/R)
Ear Lift (L/R)
Brow Angry (L/R/B)
Brow Down-Up (L/R/B)
Brow Worried (L/R/B)
Brows Squeeze
Eye Blink (L/R/B)
Eye Close (L/R/B)
Eye Sleepy (L/R/B)
Eye Wince (L/R/B)
Eyelid Up (L/R/B)
Eyes Up-Down
Eyes Side-Side
Bare Teeth
Mouth F
Mouth Grin
Mouth Left-Right
Mouth OH
Mouth Open
Mouth Pucker
Mouth Smile
Mouth Snarl (L/R)
Mouth Stretch
Mouth Corner Up-Down (L/R)
Tongue Side-Side
Body Posing Dials
Hips Sit (Straight)
Hips Sit (Lazy)
Ready Pose
Waist Side-Side
Back Paw Raise (L/R)
Front Paw Raise (L/R)
Back Paw Standing (L/R)
Front Paw Standing (L/R)
Iray Surface Settings
Christmas Antlers
Textures Include:
3 Texture, Bump, Diffuse, Displacement (512×512 to 4096×4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer