Reality 1.0 for DAZ Studio

Your key to hyper-realism within Studio is here. Reality connects Studio to the amazing?LuxRender, giving you access to physically-based materials like volumetric glass, water, metal, fog and much more.

Reality is a plug-in that converts your DAZ Studio scene to LuxRender, the physically-based, un-biased renderer for Mac OS and Windows. With a click of the mouse you can render your scene with Lux, use advanced features like stop and resume, and network rendering. Plus Reality allows you to fine-tune and save your realistic materials, all inside the Reality User Interface.

It’s super impressive to see such a smooth and easy connection from D|S to a high end render engine.‘?Stonemason

What’s Included & Features

  • Interface between Daz Studio and LuxRender. LuxRender is the physically-based, Open Source renderer developed at
  • Mac OS and Windows versions available. For Windows, both the 32 and 64 bits versions of the plug-in are available. The 64 bit version of Lux, available both on Mac OS and Window, can be launched by the 32 bit plugin, accessing all the installed memory for rendering.
  • Automatic conversion of Studio shaders to LuxRender materials.
  • Support for fine-tuning of materials.
  • Materials available:
    • Glossy, with ‘Skin’ option for SSS simulation.
    • Matte.
    • Matte Translucent.
    • Water.
    • Glass with volumetric dispersion.
    • Fog.
    • Realistic Metal with presets for Gold, Copper, Silver and Aluminum.
    • Mirror.
    • IOR presets for dozens of materials like gemstones, multiple types of glass, human cornea and more.
  • Built-in material preview.
  • Turn any .OBJ into a water object.
  • Indirect light, caustics, reflective surfaces. All materials based on physics.
  • Intuitive light and materials settings that work like the ones found in a photo studio.
  • Bump-map and displacement maps supported.
  • Sun light, distant lights, spotlights and mesh-based lights.
  • Shallow Depth Of Field with one-click setup and camera-like controls.
  • Render scenes outside Studio, allowing you to continue work in Studio while rendering.
  • Stop and resume any render.
  • Multi-processor/hyper-threading ready.
  • Network rendering support thanks to LuxRender.
  • Built-in UV Map+texture viewer.
  • Extensive, clear 40+ page manual in PDF format which includes examples and best practices.
  • LuxRender is included with Reality.