Reality 3 for Poser 3.1.147


Reality 3 is your connection from Poser to LuxRender, the physically-based, unbiased, Open Source renderer that is taking the 3D world by storm.
LuxRender gives you astounding levels of realism by rendering light and materials with absolute physical fidelity.

Reality converts your Poser materials, lights and cameras so that you can render your Poser scene with LuxRender.

Gain access to the extraordinary power of LuxRender with an ease of use and flexibility that is unparalleled.
Render scenes that can compete with the ones generated by software that costs thousands of dollars? for less than $60!
Conversion of Poser materials, including procedural nodes.
Fully featured, node-less material editor. Edit the converted materials or create your own settings.
Material preview.
Edit procedural textures with live preview.
Zero-click SSS.
Volumetric materials.
Skin material.
Photo-realistic Water.
Picture-perfect metals with presets.
Cloth material.
Support of all Poser lights, including IBL.
Expanded IBL support to include hdr and OpenEXR maps in Angular and LatLong layouts.
Projector lights.
IES lights support.
Animation support.
Works on 32 and 64 bit computers, Mac OS or Windows.
Much, much more.