Reality 4 – Poser Edition


Reality 4 is a program and plugin that seamlessly integrates with Poser, providing physically-accurate rendering. Reality 4 converts materials and lights to physics-based versions, and renders 3D scenes using LuxRender, the benchmark of physical accuracy in the 3D world.

Reality 4 is a major update from Reality 3.1 and it provides a set of powerful new tools that help you obtain the highest level of realism possible.

If you have purchased Reality before you will receive the special upgrade price of $19.95. Please note that, to receive this upgrade price from DAZ you need to have purchased a previous version of Reality at DAZ. Check your account’s page if you have a serial number for a previous version of Reality. If so, you will get the upgrade price from DAZ automatically.

If you are part of the user group who purchased Reality 3 from Runtime DNA, you will be able to see the upgrade and purchase it at 19.95. Upon purchase of this product you will be emailed your Software Serial Number. It will also be available to you in your order notes once processed.


Watch this video to see how easy is to get started with Reality. The video shows Reality 3.1 but the workflow is the same for Reality 4:

Reality is the simplest way of achieving astounding realism right in your app of choice. No need to use cumbersome export/import tools and work outside Poser. Do everything inside the app you know and love and obtain results that rival the ones provided by tools that cost thousands of dollars.

Reality seamlessly and automatically converts the scene?s materials and lights to provide you with physics-based versions.

You need real metal for a hero?s blade? Just right-click and convert the material to Metal. Select a preset and you?re done. Photo-realistic metal at your fingertips.

It?s just as easy to create photo-realistic glass. Just right-click and select Glass. No need to work with cumbersome shaders that never get close to the realism that you deserve.

You know how hard it is to create believable water in 3D. Not with Reality: right-click on a material, select Water and you?re done.


A library of hundreds of Automatic Presets for popular characters and objects is included with Reality. For example, add Victoria 6 to your scene, and the Reality materials for the figure are set automatically. Just add light and render. The same is for V4, M4, Rio, Charlie-Neve, Alyson, Dawn, Domina and many others. You can create your own presets and share them or sell them. Reality also provides support for the Gen3 figures (V3, M3, A3 etc), injecting new life into content that still has a lot to offer.

In addition to the Automatic Presets, the new Universal Presets can be applied to any material in your scene. You can save any number of presets and use them at any time with just a click of the mouse.

LuxRender, the renderer used by Reality, can use all the CPU cores in your computer. You can also add any number of render nodes either in a local network or via Internet.

Reality and LuxRender are compatible with 32- and 64-bit processors, allowing you to access all the memory in your system.

New features

The following list highlights some of the top new features of Reality 4:

Support for Genesis, Genesis 2, and every DSON-imported model
Automatic Presets library with presets for V6, G6, M6 and many others. Presets work across Poser and DAZ Studio.
Preset manager allows you import and export any number of presets with ease
Material library with presets for Metals, Jade, Latex etc. Make your own and reuse any time. Share them with other Reality artists.
User-defined textures with the Cloth material
Material synchronization
New look, which integrates perfectly with Poser
New Mesh Light with Snoot (to control light spill), and Gobo (to create special lighting effects)
Faster, more responsive UI
Support for International versions of Poser
Improved editing of procedural textures
Improved conversion of Poser materials
Automatic Installer
And much more
System requirements

Poser 9/Pro 2012 with SR3 (Service Release 3) installed or Poser 10/Pro 2014 with SR3 installed.
Mac OS: 10.7 or higher
Windows: Vista or higher
CPU: dual-core or higher. While Reality will run with a single core machine, physics-based rendering requires high-cpu computations, so multiple cores are advised.
RAM: 4GB or more.