Render Studio Expansion #1 – MONOCHROME

“Introducing ‘Render Studio Expansion Pack #1 MONOCHROME featuring ‘Colorize Manager’.

Colorize Manager will allow you to render in ‘Black and White’ and in any ‘Colorized Monochrome Tone’ directly inside of Poser.

14 Presets are included featuring simulations of most of the colors of the classic photographic toning process. These include Sepia, Selenium, Cyanotype, Gold Tone, Bleach Rinse, Copper tone and more. Plus on top of this you can enter your own RGB colors for your own unique toned renders.

Render your scenes with a choice of 10 new Tone Mapped IBL light sets or 10 32bit HDRI light sets that have been constructed from three separate exposures of the original scene. Tone Mapping is part of the HDRI process that brings out unseen detail in colors, highlights and shadows.

Included are 4 new background figures including the ‘catwalk’ platform and background. A drop cloth that can either be used as a stand alone figure or draped across the catwalk. A secondary drape to hang behind your figures and a smooth backdrop figure that can be used to pose figures right up against the background. With 28 high resolution textures and seven extra plastic and tiled floor materials the possibilities fantastic.”

This expansion pack ‘DOES NOT’ require “Render Studio For Poser’ and will function as a standalone product.