Republic P47

In the entire history of military aviation, there has never been an airplane that could match the P-47 for ruggedness and
dependability. The pilots who flew it into combat called it “The Unbreakable” and “The plane that can do anything.” They were not far?from wrong.

P-47’s often came back from combat shot full of holes, their wings and control surfaces in tatters. On one occasion a Thunderbolt?pilot, Lieutenant Chetwood, hit a steel pole after strafing a train over Occupied France. The collision sliced four feet off one of his?wings -yet he was able to fly back safely to his base in England.

The package includes:

  • model in .obj format
  • model in .3ds format
  • Poser specific files with file paths and external geometry (can be extracted directly into the Poser folder)
  • Undercarriage open/close pose sets for Poser
  • Blurred propeller texture, trans map and Poser prop?.jpg texture & bump maps (2048*2038)
  • texture template (for making your own textures)
  • pilot not included but can be downloaded for free from my site (

The Poser model is rigged. The canopy, rudder, propeller, pitch and left and right wing flaps and ailerons have their own controls.