Rhapsody Aniblocks Basic Notions V4

Introducing Rhapsody aniBlocks Basic Motions for V4.

Have your Victoria 4 character make all the right moves as only Rhapsody can!

Meet Rhapsody, a cool 18-year old girl which will captivate you with her rebel adventurous style and unique freshness.

aniBlocks are motion building blocks that an artist can combine to produce his or her own unique and smooth sequence of movements via the motion editor plug-in aniMate2 for DAZ Studio.

Use Rhapsody aniBlocks Basic Motions for V4
to bring your most loved characters to life combining loopable and transition sequences
for natural and human like movements.

Types of aniBlocks included in this package of 70 animated files .GFA (for flats walking style): Short and Long step,
Walking loops,
Standing loops,
Pushing buttons,
Conversing (body movements only,
Waiting, Waiving and many other loops,
Left and Right Turns,
Transition to & from all other aniBlocks.

A full description of all the aniBlocks in this package is listed in the ReadMe file.

Excluded: aniMate2 plug-in, character, clothing, hair, and set are not included in this package.

This package was designed taking into consideration the body proportions
of the Victoria 4 character. Stars Aligned Studios cordially suggests that
you purchase the version created for your character (Stars Aligned Studios
cannot teach users advanced animation editing techniques).

Products used in promotional images and thumbnail renders:
Ballerina Assembly Kit by DogZ
Pumps & Socks For V4 by idler168
Hongyu’s SchoolGirl 2 for V4 by hongyu
Daz’s Victoria 4 Clothing by Daz
SMS Hair by Outoftouch-Bice
MRL Elena by Mihrelle

Link to demos: Check out our Editorial for product demo or visit our YouTube page for full resolution renders of sample sequences:
Rhapsody Aniblocks Basic Notions V4

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