Road ‘n’ Rails for TerraDome 3


Are you ready to go places? Then be sure to pick up Road ‘n’ Rails. This feature-packed highway and railroad themed set was designed to expand the possibilities of TerraDome 3 even further, although all props can also be used independently.

Road ‘n’ Rails comprises of a morphing road and a railroad, each of which are sized to fully span the TerraDome AZone, plus a railroad crossing and a variety of highway signs. Also included are hitchhiker props: a cardboard sign with different destination options, and a guitar case and small suitcase, each with a selection of materials.

The 12 material options for the road and railroad are designed to match the full range of current Badlands, Desert and Dry TerraDome 3 terrains. They also blend well with other TerraDome 3 terrain options. The rocks have matching material options for light, regular and dark terrains.

The railroad has a detailed version for close-up work plus a simpler, lower poly version for background use. It was made to standard railroad gauge scale and so can be used with similarly scaled props (e.g. Parkside carriages).

The road has a number of morphs, including a couple that enable it to be used alongside two of the TerraDome 3 AZone terrain morphs.

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