Rocco The Fighter

From boxing to war, Rocco has done it all.

He has fought for the right causes and even for a cold beer ;)… He has even gotten beaten by a woman for going too far! 🙂
Rocco is itching for battle, his face shows how punch drunk he can be.

Included in this package you will find:

  • – FACE 0 INJ: This will ONLY work if you have M4 and MORPHS++
  • – Morphed 1 and 2 INJ (Custom morphed faces that they can be used also with your basic M4 and with ANY morphed M4)
  • – BODY INJ
  • – BODY REM
  • – FACE 0 REM
  • – FACE Morphed REM (for the two morphed heads)
  • – MAT file for total body and face
  • – 5 MAT for face
  • – 9 MAT for eye colors
  • – MAT for the genitals

Rocco The Fighter