Ron’s War Essentials


In this strategically planned War Special Effects Package for the creative artist, we have Photoshop Brushes, .PSD Layers of Fire, Photoshop Tools and Layer Styles, this is one dedicated to War Effects only.

In this battlefield of Hollywood effects you will find any thing related to modern warfare to past wars.

Custom presets that you can have anytime you want a lot of necessary brushes of atmospheric effects and a few surprises,It is loaded with features you will use over and over. Also every brush has a defined purpose with a name attached inside the brush menu.

This product was created for Photoshop CS and Up but the Brushes and PSD Images can be used in PS Elements as well.


This product includes:
1 General Installer
1 Photoshop Installer




Just another 3D hobbyist living in the East Coast USA.

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