RSSY Iray to 3Delight Converter And Merchant Resource

Now you can convert a full scene from Iray to 3Delight quickly and with ease! The converter script changes your entire scene over to 3Delight shaders with just four clicks.

This script applies custom shaders for different types of items in your scene, not only including water, leaves, grass, stone, metals, hair, etc., but also materials for Genesis 3 and 8 males and females. Our shaders are based on UberSurface, meaning transparent items will render much faster than in the default 3Delight shader. The set also includes UberEnvironment light presets and recommended 3Delight render settings to get you going as quickly as possible!

Also unique to this set, you can use the script’s Options to add and apply ANY 3Delight shader from your library across ANY material name! Want to apply a lighted shader to every material called “flame” in your scene? This script can do it!