Sabby-Carli for Genesis 8

Sabby-Carli for Genesis 8

Carli is a gorgeous teen for all of your rendering needs.

Her delicate & femine morph was created in zbrush.

Carli’s skin was created using a combination of photos,
hand painting, and resources.

Carli’s expressions can be combined with other expressions as well as dialed in partially
giving you many more than just the 4 provided.

Carli’s morph can also be dialed in partially or combined with each other (or other characters)
giving you many different ages for her!

Morph Options:

• Carli Tween Apply & Rem
• Carli Teen Apply & Rem

Expression Options:

• 4 Smile Expression Dials (and Apply)

Carli Skin Options:

• Full Body Texture with bump, spec, normals
• 5 Face Options (Clear skin, freckles, acne, acne and freckles, soft acne and freckles)
• 10 Eye Colours (You can lighten the color of her eyes with included preset)
• 3 Lash Styles
• 1 Blush LIE
• 10 Lip Colours
• 10 Eye Shadow (these are LIE and can be applied to most fair skinned characters)
• 3 Eyeliners (LIE and can be applied to all characters)

She also includes 3 Specular Settings, 3 Skintones, and Normals ON & OFF.

With the LIE presets you can make an endless number of combinations for makeups, lips, and eyes!

Sabby-Carli for Genesis 8