Sabby-Jenni Bea for Genesis 8

Sabby-Jenni Bea for Genesis 8

Jenni Bea is a gorgeous college cutie for all of your rendering needs.

Her delicate & feminine morph was created in zbrush.

Jenni Bea’s skin was created using a combination of photos,
hand painting, and resources.

Morph Options:

• Jenni Bea Head Morph & Rem
• Jenni Bea Body Morph & Rem

Jenni Bea Skin Options:

• Full Body Texture with bump, spec, normals

• 10 Eye Colors
• 3 Lash Styles
• 10 Lip Colors (Low Gloss, High Gloss, and a Matte preset)
• 10 Eye Shadow
• 2 Eyeliners LIE