Sahel HD & Signature Smile HD Expression for Genesis 8 Female

Will You Resist Her Smile? This Very Realistic Character Includes the Following:

Her Own Asymmetric Standalone Signature Hd Smile, Usable With All Genesis 8 Female Characters
Asymmetric Mid-detail Hd Morph
Head Asymmetry Morph
Realistic Skin Pores and a Meticulously Tuned Skin Shader Preset
Fibremesh Eyebrows That Mix in With the Texture for the Best of Both Worlds
Better Foot Bends
Heavily Sculpted Feet and a Neutralizing Morph in Case Shoes Won’t Fit
Custom Navel Morph That Dials in Automatically With the Base Genesis 8 Female Navel Morph
Custom Sculpted Teeth With Asymmetry
Bump Presets for Distant and Closeup Shots
4 Eye Colors
a No-makeup and 5 Makeups Separated Into Lips and Eyes
Lipgloss on/off Presets
Flushed Cheeks Lie Preset
Lashline Lie Preset
3 Metallic Makeup Presets
Presets for White and Natural Teeth Color