Sakura Ultimate Tree

A milestone in the craftsmanship art of digital Sakura trees. An unprecedented efficiency of usage and final look.

To be more precise:

It is greatly improved in the reduction of polys and points of each single tree, about 10 times less polygons then previous sakura trees. What used to be a 3 million or more polygons per tree or more, is now under 300 thousand polygons.

This makes it a joy to load and not over clog the system immediately like previous trees, and still holding the final look at the same detail level of the previous and even better in some situations.

On the down side is not advisable to make close ups of 3 meters (9 feet) or less, only if you use DOF it will work fine…

Also the usage of Sub-D and displacement can now be restricted to specific parts of the tree like trunk, roots, branches and stems this parts can now have different values of SUB-D and displacement, or just using SUB-D in one specific object part of the tree. This increases immensely the efficiency of usage.

Because the trees are in Groups one can now art direct each trees more accurately, hiding or deleting a particular part, for instance deleting the flowers, or reducing the quantity of flowers…


This product does not include the Grass, Sky and Character.

This Product includes 7 Scenes show in the promos, to open the Scenes without errors the products “Wild Grass Hyper Kit” and “HDRI Cloudy Skies III” are necessary. But, for the Sakura trees no extra product is needed.

All images where done with Iray, with minor (curves, sharp) post work.

For close ups one can increase the detail in the “Steams” (Twigs) with displacement maps that are in the textures folder, the default is a smooth one, just add SUB-D and replace the smooth displ. map with another at your choice, and the Stems with have a more natural look.

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


Just another 3D hobbyist living in the East Coast USA.