SASE Siblings: Ellie & Everly


Two lovely characters for the price of one! Meet Ellie & Everly, these girls have been carefully crafted to maximize your creativity when using them. Each girl has her own personality while remaining similar to each other.

This product requires Stephanie 4, Akio 4, and Morphs ++

Ellie INJ & REM
Ellie Body INJ & REM
Everly INJ & REM
Everly Body INJ & REM

12 Eyes
Ellie 6 & Everly 6

12 Makeups
Ellie 6 & Everly 6

12 Lip Colours
Ellie 6 & Everly 6

This character pack is designed to be mix and matched. Put Ellie’s lips on Everly, or Everly’s eyes with Ellie’s make up, on Everly’s morph. Tons of possibilities