Sawney comes complete with a grisly unique Custom Sculpted Head and Body Morph aswell as numerous highly detailed textures, enabling you to create multiple types of Characters for your renders..
Sawney has some fabulous props which appeal to the Pirate side of his character, A bandana, Eye Patch, A face hugging

Starfish, and 3 different Limpets..Each positioned to his sculpted morph perfectly..
He also has a set of Conforming Trousers and a Shirt, Which both have a selection of Textures in both Ripped and Unripped versions..
Wether you are creating an Undead Pirate or a Cannibal this pack has it all..
Just let your imaginations run wild..

Product Includes:
All Required Obj’s,Cr2’s and Pp2 Files

Conforming Trousers and Shirt created for Sawney Character only..
1 Bandana..1 Eye Patch..1 Starfish face Hugger..3 Limpet face Huggers Parented Props..

1 Complete MAT pose Folder for Applying Character Options
1 Complete MAT pose Folder for Applying Clothing Options
1 Complete MAT pose Folder for Applying Prop Options

I Complete Custom Inj and Rem for M4
5 Head Textures – (4000×4000)
3 Body Textures – (4000×4000)
2 Arm Textures – (4000×4000)
3 Eye Options – (2048×2048)
2 Genital Maps – (1500×1500)
All required Bump and Displacement MAPS
All Clothing Textures
All Prop Textures

Displacement MAPS for all body parts are applied, you will need to turn on Dispacement before rendering..