Scattered Plants: Badlands


Plants grow nearly everywhere – on arid plains and weather-beaten mountaintops, in scorching hot valleys and on snow-covered hills. Now you can also have them in your renders!

Dry and thorny stalks, dusty grasses and a few green leaves turn a bare scenery into a true landscape.

These plant props are made to populate entire terrains. They basically are groups of billboards with an organically shaped high-resolution version for the foreground and a very basic low-resolution version for the background. The materials also feature high-res and low-res versions, available for both 3Delight and Iray.

Each set of plants has nine dense and nine sparse presets, mix them all for a natural-looking groundcover effect.

You can place the plant props manually in your scene but their true usefulness is revealed when used with instancing. The lightweight geometry allows you to generate thousands of instances without overtaxing your system.

As a bonus, this pack includes two video tutorials that explain how to use them with HowieFarkes’s UltraScatter script and six presets to get you started quickly. However, you can use them with any other instancing script, too. (Note that to use the included scatter presets you will need the UltraScatter script which is available separately.)

Note: These plants are made to be rendered at a little distance. They are not very suitable for large close-up renders.


This product includes:

  • 1 DSON Core Installer




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