Sci-Fi Black Market Alley / Construction Set


Sci-Fi Black Market Alley is a construction set of 26 props, store fronts, street lights, store lights, street props and yes even a street. Store fronts come with add-ons to create a unique non repeating world. Posters can be add with 3 different .png files in the texture set with one preset to get you started. Highly detailed props can be used for any sci-fi world you have in mind. A one click preset build included to jump start your imagination.

What’s Included and Features
Sci-Fi Black Market Alley / Construction Set: (.DUF)
One preset fully loaded scene
O2 Vending Machine
Open 24Hour sign
Alley Outer Walls:
Left wall
Right wall
Alley Topper
Antenna Prop
Base Street Prop
Crate Props:
Blue Crate
White Crate
Green Crate
Red Crate
Heater Prop
Octo Neon Sign Prop
Traffic/Parking Sign Prop
Store Front Add On Look Props:
For Store Front 2
For Store Front 3
45 degree Corner prop
Soda Machine Prop
Door Opens
Stick Light Prop
Street Light Prop
Trash Can Props
Vid Phone Prop
Poster L.I.E. preset
Store Front 1
Store Front 2
Store Front 3
Store Front 4
Textures Include:
242 Texture, Height, Normal, Roughness, Metallic and Transparent Maps (4096 x 4094 to 2048 x 2048)
Optimized for Iray
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer