Sci-Fi Landing Platform

Sci-Fi Landing Platform

Set your air or spacecraft down on the Sci-Fi Landing Platform, a versatile Sci-Fi landing platform environment. The environment comes with 38 separate components plus cameras, lighting, and render presets that make it easy to create amazing renders.

The scene is highly detailed throughout, and also highly optimized. It uses VRAM very efficiently, and includes three material settings, making it simple to adjust the scene for your video card. Choose between normal maps or displacement, as well as low-resolution or high-resolution textures.

All promo images were rendered using low-resolution textures and full displacement.
Displacement subdivision can be easily adjusted for any component of the scene.
The low-resolution textures work great for the vast majority of renders.
High-resolution textures are only needed for extremely close-up renders.

Land on the Sci-Fi Landing Platform for your next render!