Base model file of scorpion with fully articulated limbs/claws/jaws and tail pieces. Built in ‘Easy-pose’ dials in cephalo-thorax t
assist realistic threat poses. All body parts set with realistic pose limits.
Set of 9 conforming figure props (replacing claw and sting body parts of the original body_ see pop up)

  • Ball’n’Chain tail piece_fully articulated chain with easy-pose.
  • Collar’n’Chain_fully articulated chain with IK and easy-pose. dials
  • Spiked Claw Bracelets
  • Claw Cannons
  • Claw Lasers
  • Claw Scythes
  • Tail Mace attachment
  • Sting Guard
  • Tail Scythe

20 Scorpion MAT texture sets_ highly detailed with bump mapping where appropriate t
enhance realism.

  • Natural
  • Natural light
  • Red Chinese Lacquer
  • Black Chinese Lacquer
  • Embossed gold with 4 additional colored jewel sets
  • Embossed silver with 4 additional colored jewel sets
  • 2 Mechanical textures
  • 4 old rusty painted metal textures (blue/green/red/yellow)

80 Scorpion Add-On MAT textures for the accessories corresponding to the scorpion MAT’s to allow you to build your customised scorpion.