Seasons Bundle

Seasons Bundle

Express the magical chill of a lonely winter moment, the renewal of spring, flourishing life of summer, or the rainbow of autumn with the astounding Seasons Bundle.

This bundle brings a beautifully crafted, highly focused and intensely detailed scene to your library, plus two equally detailed and coordinated Outfits, perfect for character vignettes and portraits, delicately intimate moments, and much more.

The Seasons Bundle features the tableau prop of a distressed column emerging from a sculpted ground disc, a classically styled stone bench, dForce strand based grasses, and incredibly detailed foliage, all provided as separate elements or presets loading in the scene for each respective season, as well as corresponding material files.

Seasons Tableau also includes bonus poses for Genesis 8 Female, and the dForce Magus and Maiden Outfits complete the package!

This Bundle Includes:
dForce Seasons Magus for Genesis 8 Males
Seasons Tableau Scene Kit
dForce Seasons Maiden Outfit for Genesis 8 Females



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