Sexy Nurse Uniform for Genesis 3 Female(s)


My previous model sold here “Boyfriend jeans” aroused great interest among customers with nine undress morph in combination with the provided poses for G3F,
my friends,this is my product “Sexy Nurse Uniform” presents 5 units of clothes and three props and contains 58 simulated morphs for presents clothes in 32 positions.
Meet the new package for the G3F “SEXY NURSE UNIFORM”
It corresponds to each position for G3F one or more morphs for a nurse robe, an undressing morphs, porfa of situation sits, survey and treatment and several morphs for a mask, gloves (separately left and separately right) and cape. Also there are morphs for clothes unfit to G3F when the clothes aren’t attached to Genesis. Morphs in the name have the beginning of “UNFIT TO G3”. It is a nurse robe on a floor, on a hanger, on a bed, gloves and a mask and cape are thrown into a cup with liquid. All morphs have the name similar to the name of a position for G3F, for comfortable use. Thanks for support of my product, nice render!