Shader Plan – Iray Lace and Linen

Shader Plan – Iray Lace and Linen


*** Made after real lace samples, scans, hand-drawn motifs, digital processing, making of seamless tiles and use of custom photoshop actions. All brand new!!!***

The Shaders are:

25 New Lace and Netting
06 Lace Inset on Linen
09 Pure White Soft Linens
09 Pure Black Soft Linens
33 Embroidered Soft Linens
33 Metallic Layer for Soft Linens
12 Clear Rough Linens
14 Black Rough Linens
14 Threaded Fabrics (Burlap style)
06 Bump & 06 Normals presets
29 Rough Linen Overlays
04 Ready Batik style Fabrics
10 Glitter & Overlay Batik presets
50 Base Diffuse Color Files
50 Diffuse Overlay Color Files
28 Tiling Options
BONUS 15 Custom Mix Shaders

Total of 347 Presets

212 texture maps including textures, patterns, alphas, bumps and normals.