Ape.pp2 Runtime:Libraries:Props
Ape.rsr Runtime:Libraries:Props
Shrunky.pp2 Runtime:Libraries:Props
Shrunky.rsr Runtime:Libraries:Props
Toothy.pp2 Runtime:Libraries:Props
Toothy.rsr Runtime:Libraries:Props

Apescullbump.bum Runtime:Textures
apescull.tif Runtime:Textures
shrunkfixtex.bmp Runtime:Textures
shrunkfixtexbump.bum Runtime:Textures
spear1bump.bum Runtime:Textures
speartex.bmp Runtime:Textures
toothytex.bmp Runtime:Textures
toothytexbump.bum Runtime:Textures
The Obj. files can be exported and used in other applications.
such as Bryce or Lightwave.

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