Sierra West TALES

Sierra West TALES
* 103 High-detailed textures/bumps & transparency maps
* 50 MAT files for :
* 5 Sierra West Strapless Bras
* 5 Sierra West Hot Pants
* 5 Sierra West Tank Tops
* 5 Sierra West Hats
* 5 Sierra West pairs of Gloves
* 5 Sierra West pairs of ThighBoots
* 5 Sierra West Chokers
* 5 Sierra West Earrings Left
* 5 Sierra West Earrings Right
* 5 Sierra West ArmBands

All presets are compatible with P5 and Higher Poser Versions (PNG).

Special attention has been given to all textures and they provide high-res detail without being memory over-demanding that usually brings Poser down to its knees at a moderate system.
Ideal for normal or close up renders full of detail.

Sierra West TALES

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