Silvy for Lina


Introducing “Silvy for Rosy Cheeks Lina”. A powerful and unique character package for your sweet Lina! Inspired by Fairies, Silvy comes with some really magical MakeUp options and different elven-styled, custom morphed faces. Silvy comes with photorealistic and partly handpainted textures, 3 cute completely new faces, 6 MakeUp options, 5 Eye Color options and 2 BONUS camera settings! Special care has been given to details like freckles in her face, MakeUp options like Eyeshadows and Lipgloss and also to the bumpmap to bring out the most possible details. Have a look at all the promotion pictures for more information. Have fun with the little fairy-girls! 😉

Files included:
02 Textures for the Body (3000×3000)
01 Bumpmap for the Body (3000×3000)
05 Textures for the Eyes (1500×1500)
01 Reflectionmap for Eyes (1500×1500)
07 Textures for the Head (3500×3500)
01 Bumpmap for the Head (3500×3500)
01 Transmap for Eyelashes 01 Rosy Cheeks Lina CR2 file with 3 built in Custom Morphs as Full Body Morphs
14 Matposes for PP
14 Matposes for P4
04 INJ Files for Rosy Cheeks Lina (Silvy CR2)
04 REM Files for Rosy Cheeks Lina (Silvy CR2)
(RSR files included!)